Our tax team is equipped with both tax and legal expertise, enabling us to provide
both national and international companies with a comprehensive solution to all their
tax matters.
We advice on the different tax aspects, identifying, in a proactive way, the challenges
and opportunities in tax matters in defense of the client’s interests.
Therefore, the tax area is key in the clients’ correct decision-making process. The
combination of the tax and legal teams allows us to expand our vision in order to
provide each client with the right answers.

• Company taxation
• International taxation
• Operational taxation
• Tax efficiency models
• Transfer pricing
• Family business and private client tax

cWe advise on all commercial and civil litigation issues. We specialize in the
management of a large number of litigations on a national level, most of which
are particularly complex, demanding a high degree of involvement and
Our methodology allows us to respond to the pre-trial and judicial needs of each client
in order to provide an efficient service.  Our experience and knowledge of local courts
ensure the most efficient and successful approach to each case.
In the same way, we act for our clients’ interests in national and international
arbitration proceedings, whether they are institutional or ad hoc.

• Contractual and tort liability
• Conflicts between shareholders
• Liability action against Directors
• Civil and commercial contracts
• Implementation procedures
• Inheritance proceedings

Our employment team has long track-record advising on individual and collective
contract termination processes as well as senior management arrangements.
We combine extensive experience in all labor law specialties with a thorough
understanding of our clients’ businesses.

• Workforce restructuring
• Senior management contracts
• Employee compensation systems
• Dismissal and contract termination
• Judicial proceedings
eBustillo Law Firm was created as a firm specializing in commercial advice and since then we have focused our knowledge and experience on companies. To this end, we have a specialist team that serves the legal necessities of enterprises in the most important aspects of Commercial Law, providing our broadest experience.

• General business advice
• Business restructuring & reorganization
• Commercial contracts and deals.
• Company incorporation and liquidation
• Distribution networks
• Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Law includes the legal aspects of the company as if it were a legal entity in commercial traffic. For this purpose, our specialization in business advice allows us to provide full support, which includes all the aspects that affect the Corporate environment.
Throughout our 29 years of history, we have been gathering experience in the areas where companies require most legal advice, allowing us to anticipate possible situations of conflict or quickly overcome those which may arise.

• Statutory reforms
• Council secretariats and General meetings
• Duties and responsibilities of directors
• Capital increases and reductions
• Agreements between partners
• Corporate governance