2Bustillo Law Firm offers advice to investors, business angels and private equity firms on their investments in Spain and Europe. We provide a fundraising structure and its investment in companies with legal advice based on a fiscal and corporate vision.
We love advising ambitious clients and for this reason we place all our resources and our whole team at the disposal of their ambitions.

• Creation of private equity managers
• Investment structuring and fundraising
• Investee management
• Support in acquired business transformation
• Taxation
• Due diligence

With more than 15 years of experience in this sector, we counsel companies which work under financial regulations such as investment company services (brokerage and financial advisory firms), as well as collective investment institutions, their management companies and depositaries or digital currency entities.
Our services cover the incorporation of these entities through to advice on the laws regulating their activity and the procedures applicable vis-à-vis the supervisory authorities.

• Constitution of all types of regulated entities
• Relations with regulators
• Joining the Alternative Stock Market
• Taxation
• Digital currency entities


4Bustillo Law Firm was created as an office specializing in advice for technology companies. Since the beginning, we have been advising all the areas of these kinds of businesses. The companies that are based on technology, the internet or innovation face an endlessly increasing complexity in their business and it is in this environment where we best know how to contribute with our advice and experience.
The experience in these sectors and our work methodology allow us to know our clients’ businesses and offer them our legal knowledge in order to obtain the answers that each client needs.

• Information and communication technologies
• Software & Hardware development and merchandising
• E-contracting and e-commerce
• R&D programmes
• Technology transfer, databases and Big Data
• Agile, Scrum and SaaS contracts

From the moment the founders have a business idea, Start-ups have in their DNA an innovating and disruptive spirit. It is because of this that we believe legal advice should also be considered.
We have experience in seed capital and start-up transactions carried out by means of venture capital seeds and M&A procedures. We can help funders to manage the challenges that appear during the different phases of the project.
We collaborate with Area 31 in the IE Business School and other accelerators and incubators in order to stay close to business angels, investors, mentors and founders.

• Partnership agreements
• Data protection
• Taxation
• E-Commerce
• Contracts
• Intellectual and industrial property protection

6Bustillo Law Firm collaborates with Legal Travel forming an alliance that allows us to join together their broad experience in the tourism sector and our business knowledge.

Offering the best of both teams, we counsel investors, hotel chains, tour operators, OTAs and commercial and business aviation.

• Financing and active acquisition
• Tourism contracts
• Leasing, renting and financing
• Taxation
• Judicial proceedings
• Consumer complaints

These sectors are continuously changing and have an increasing number of regulations. It is important to count on lawyers who specialize in the different areas that encompass industrial and food sector advice.

Our advice covers the different phases of the production chain: labelling, naming, distribution and marketing of products in need of special attention in the distribution networks and the international commerce of exportation and importation processes.
We aim to protect our clients’ interests in sectors of great importance, on both a national and international scale.

• Contract negotiation
• International Commerce
• Judicial proceedings
• Corporate restructuring, mergers and joint ventures
• Distribution networks
• Taxation


8We offer our services to private clients, creating customized teams made up of lawyers from different areas of the firm, allowing us to satisfy each of the client's necessities in terms of wealth management, taxation, family planning, succession or inheritance disputes, as well as family protocols. Our team, in addition to having a wealth of knowledge of applicable law, possess a special awareness of the necessities of a family business and the challenges that affect family and private equity.

• Constitution of finance vehicles
• Taxation of operations
• Family protocols
• Inheritance
• Family Offices
• Dispute resolution